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Mexico, Motherland of Vanilla

Unique Process, Organic, BRC and Kosher

Social Commitment with Mayan Community

Why Mexican vanilla?

· Mexico is the original source of vanilla, where the environment, climate, soil and temperature are the perfect features for a perfect final product. All of these characteristics give Mexican vanilla the advantage that places it by far above others, in terms of fragrance, aromatic power and most of all its flavor.

· Mexican vanilla has more vanillin, and that translates into more flavor, more fragrance, and thus more yield.

· The geographic location where it is produced, gives the best features of them all. Few locations in Mexico have these properties. It can only be produced in Veracruz, north of Puebla, and now also in Yucatán, where we are successfully growing vanilla.

Origin: Mexico

Species: Vanilla planifolia; it's endemic from Mexico


Dark brown and shiny beans


Wide aromatic spectrum


Warm powerful notes, chocolate and fruty scents

About Us

Mayan Vanilla® is a company with a heart

Mayan Vanilla is a company that produces and trades the best 100% natural vanilla from Mexico. Honouring its mayan origins and delivering a product that has been around since prehispanic times, as part of our culture and long standing traditions.

In our plantation the cultivation process is traditional, as it should be: without using artificial fertilizers, without harmful pesticides. We have organic certifications for the USA, European Union and Mexico.

After cutting, the beans are dried under the sun following ancestral techniques.

Mayan Vanilla responds to the highest quality standards of production and at the same time maintains and supports fair labor conditions for all employees. We are very proud of having many women from the surrounding communities working for us.

Organic Certifications

Certified by IMOcert for the USA. NOP ID: 6400011361

Certified by IMOcert

Certified by IMOcert (MX-BIO-123) for the European Union

Looking inside Mayan Vanilla®

Environment and Sustainability

Mayan Vanilla runs a sustainable operation. At the plantation, 20,000 orchidacea vanilla planifolia grow under native mahogany trees, providing the proper shade and giving nutrients to the soil. So there is no need for artificial fertilizers. Foliage from the trees provide natural shade and protect the vanilla plants, so there are no artificial structures set up for shadehouses.

No harmful pesticides are used, only bio products when needed, to control and prevent disease. Our organic certification requires keeping detailed logs of all materials used and the activities which are carried out at the plantation. Water resources are closely monitored and managed as well.

Social Commitment

Growing vanilla requires very specific cultivation and harvesting conditions.

In addition to the climate and the proper environment, the flowers demand a careful pollination when ready. One by one, patiently carried out by expert hands, mostly by women. The plants are carefully nursed by the hands of the local villagers, and thus it has become the livelihood for many families of the region.

In Mayan Vanilla we highly value all the work and effort our employees put in to harvest the best vanilla beans. The people who collaborate with us mainly come from nearby ethnic mayan communities. The opportunity to have a stable income makes it possible for them to improve overall living conditions, as well as maintain their roots and traditions.


From the land where special things are born

The regions in the country where vanilla planifolia is found as an endemic species, give it very special characteristics. Oligolectic bees* have naturally pollinated the flowers of the vanilla orchids for centuries. Few locations in Mexico have vanilla with these endemic origins, in what is now the northern part of the state of Veracruz and neighbouring areas of the state of Puebla.

For commercial production however, artificial pollination is needed and widely found in Veracruz, Puebla, and also in our plantation in Yucatán.

Located on the same latitude, East of Veracruz, just across the Gulf of Mexico, the plantation has the proper conditions and similar weather patterns required to successfully grow vanilla planifolia.

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